Bid Right is a web application that helps affiliates control their Pay Per Click revenues with precision, while allowing them to optimize this channel to maximise profitability.

PPC and Affiliates

Bid Right is for affiliates using affiliate networks’ platforms. With this system, they can propel traffic to websites and receive commissions for the actions they generate. In this context, PPC – Google Adwords, Bing Ads – represents a key opportunity to generate traffic. Based on the logic used with auctions, they can position themselves on strategic keywords to yield qualified traffic.

It is however very difficult to measure the exact cost of these investments. Indeed, the transaction is not made directly on the affiliate site and the commission is managed through the affiliate network. The technical specifications such as commission status – on pending, confirmed or declined – further complicates the calculation of the profitability of sponsored links.

Bid Right addresses this issue by aggregating commission income and search engine expenses – Google AdWords, Bing Ads. You can then know how profitable your keywords are and manage your PPC campaigns accordingly.

Decision Support

Bid Right is not an obscure algorithm-based bid management system, it is business intelligence software destined for the affiliate industry.
Bid Right’s main objective is to bring you relevant information to facilitate your decision-making process. Bid Right will help you find the right bids for the right keywords according to their profitability.

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Our Expertise

Our team has solid traffic manager and keywording backgrounds with profound knowledge of affiliation and PPC specifications.

We are always at your service to improve Bid Right based on your problematic and market evolutions.

Google AdWords Partner Badge

We have solid experiences in software development and thus use agile methods with short development cycles, allowing us to be very responsive. Bid Right has also obtained the Google Adwords Certification for the integration of their API.

Independence and confidentiality

Your data is confidential and we make sure it is protected at all times. Your databases are separated and encrypted on our servers. Bid Right does not share any information with third parties such as search engines and affiliate networks.